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Food for Thoughts July 1, 2015

We are always surrounded by angels. We swim in a sea of unlimited, unconditional love filled with celestial beings of light that are more than willing and able to help us. The only catch is that we have to ask and also be willing to accept the assistance they provide.

So here is a few tips to help you to connect with your Angels and recognize they are communicating with you.

When you first start to connect with spirit it’s important to be specific so that you know exactly what to look for when the angels answer your request. Know that it could take several weeks for a response and in some cases it’s instant but be patient and keep your eyes and ears open. For example you can ask them to send you a pink rose, or a bottle of water or a chocolate bar as long as it’s specific so that you can recognize it when they finally respond to your request for the first time. I would also suggest doing this for several weeks or months to help build up your confidence and belief that they are truly around you. Know that your spirit guides and angels are always ready to connect with you.

Once you have built up your confidence its best to keep a journal and notate every time the angels have responded to you. Creating an Angel Journal can help you keep track of all your interactions with spirit.  Journaling can also help you to tune into the angelic realm through automatic writing. To begin with you can ask spirit a question and sit in silence and write down the first response or thought that pops in your head. For example have you ever noticed that sometimes a completely unrelated thought just “popped” into your head for no apparent reason, but somehow that thought totally related to a situation you are going through or about to encounter?


As you increase your awareness to spirit and the angels they will start to communicate with you in other ways that you may not recognize or have over looked. For instance the angels often communicate through music or dreams. Often these are forms of spirit communication which are so subtle but we scarcely notice. Particularly with songs I found that when people begin to pay attention to words of the songs that pop into their heads there is often a message contained from spirit and this is their way of giving the messages to you subliminally.

Another common communication is through your dreams. Have you ever had a dream of a loved one who has passed or a dream where you travelled and it was very lucid? Lucid dreaming to me is dreaming where there is vivid colors and feels real. If you are looking for guidance try asking your angels or guides to communicate with you through your dreams. Keeping your angel journal by your bed can help you record your dreams as soon as you wake. Pay very close attention to all the symbols and what occurred in the dream and notate it.  You will find after a while that you will notice patterns and remember more of what you experience while asleep Dreams are powerful tools and wonderful sources of information.

Other forms of spirit communication is seeing repetitive numbers such as 444, 555, 666, coins, feathers or animals that keep showing up around you. Often times you can look up the meaning of an animal that pops up around you by searching the animal totem meaning. You will find that the Angels hidden messages can assist you in your time of need and help you strengthen your connection with them.

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How to connect to Angels

By Psychic Medium Victoria Alvarado