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Ancestral Pathways Into The Future

The popular movies/documentaries What the Bleep do we Know? and The Secret addressed the radically-different-than-normal view of our Universe that the latest discoveries in Quantum Physics share with the most ancient indigenous cultures’ teachings.  AKA “The Observer Effect”…

Simply put, the idea is that – as opposed to Newtonian models, there is no “Objective/Static” or “always-the-same” status of.. well, anything.  And we now have documented evidence that – at the Quantum Level – a wave can become a particle and vice versa – depending on the perspective of the person (or machine!) measuring it.

Consciousness can (and does) overrule how energy is perceived.  The Newtonian physics we learned in High School may be useful, but this idea outranks it – and by several pay grades.

Religions have taught us that – if we please something outside of us, or the gods decide to smile on us – we can pray for and then receive a desired change..  in crop yields, physical health, relationships.. even finances.

Now the evidence suggests we can affect these changes by deciding to look for them, and then expecting to see them materialize. Could it be that Einstein was right? – “Imagination IS more important than knowledge.”

Could what we’ve thought of as “Prayer” (in a religious context) also be (in a scientific sense) a consciousness technology we can apply at will – with similar positive consequences?  Check out Lynne McTaggart’s The Field or Gregg Braden’s The Divine Matrix for more information on this now-recognized kinship of science and religion, but know this: What is useful is Useful – whatever your individual Belief System happens to be. 

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) referred to the ability to manifest a better circumstance on purpose as the “Power of Assumption”.  Paraphrased, he taught that: A desired outcome, vividly imagined and held firmly in mind MUST become reality. ..and demonstrated this truth repeatedly in his life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, Wishes Fulfilled uses Neville’s teachings to springboard into the ancient Consciousness Technology taught in the I AM Discourses originally published in the 1930s. His point being that to manifest what we want, there are specific strategies and tactics that WORK.

Rather than wishin’ and hopin’, These Consciousness Technologies (when practiced and applied in a conscientious disciplined manner) can and will yield the results we are seeking – for better life circumstances.

In the 21st Century, accessing right brain-employing modalities such as Matrix Energetics™, Focused Mind Healing or Quantum Entrainment may, in fact take us where Neville was leading.. and agree absolutely with the reports of Jesus of Nazareth when he taught: Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it and you shall have it.

The idea of:  “Seeing yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to produce”, as Wayne Dyer put it, conveys the process:  Imagine and Intend, with expectation or belief and ~ SHAZAM ~  (for lack of a technical explanation) – the desired outcome may be manifested… Yep.  Right here in the “real world”.

The Observer Effect confirms that Finding is reserved for the searchers (Seek and ye shall find) – that what we are looking for – perhaps better expressed as what we EXPECT to find – is what in fact, we will find.

What this means – in a practical, “How can I use this information?” sense is awesome indeed.  If we can imagine the better outcome desired and then apply this frankly different way of thinking (in the west we spend the overwhelming majority of our time and effort in education training the left brain), the appearance is we can advance – both individually and collectively – into a literal “New Age”.. wherein problems that have beset mankind for millennia may be solved very rapidly indeed.

You’re invited to: “Try it, you’ll like it.” Or you could “Pray about it” – And if the form of prayer is the New/Old way, wherein you focus, intend and expect to get what you want, you may find yourself among the ranks of “miracle workers” we’ve heard about. 

Oh, it will take practice – and it is not for everyone.  But then again, even in the most miracle-laden reports of any religion, it was never written that getting to a state of “Heaven on Earth” would be easy.

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Past Present, Future?

The Moon IS 238,000 Miles distant from Earth. It takes at the speed of Light traveling 186,000 miles per second, around 1.3 seconds of the reflection of the Moon go into your eye.
So you are seeing the Past , how the Moon looked 1.3 seconds ago.

In a Dark room you can not see anything. You turn on the light switch, and the Photon or light ray picks up like glue all the Images in the room, and the Photon or light ray with all the objects in it goes into your eyes around a billionth of a second, or Nanosecond. Again you are seeing the Past.the Images are upside down in your Brain,like a Cameras still Photo.

Look into any mirror with a clock and you will see everything is reversed in the mirror. Again you are seeing the Past because it takes a Nanosecond for the Reflection of the Mirror to go into your eye upside down.

Any thing you hear with your ears is because the Pressure waves of the Sound push against your Eardrum when it reaches your eardrum in a Nano of a Second, and the Brain converts the Pressure wave into electrical impulses into the Nerves and than back into Sound.Again you are hearing the Past.

Since Birth, you have been seeing the Past, Hearing the Past. Even as you read this “Food for Thought” it is the Past. You are actually in the “Present Moment” while all this is going on…

Unless, you are the type who worry about the Past, or are concerned of the Future. This takes you out of the “Present Moment”.

You can not change the Past, so why not let it go? You can only Learn from the Past.
You can not Plan for the Future or expect the Future to be as if you Planed it can you?
So why not handle the Future when it shows up at your doorstep?

How does one “Let it go?” If you can change something , then do so . If you can not change something forget about it and don’t give this topic  any energy in Thought.It will then fade away…You might have to Forgive Past Humans or Yourself to “Let it Go”.

So we are in the Present, and Live Present to Present,if your Mind Set accepts this type of Thinking in this “Food for Thought”. Look at at this way : In the Present,a situation happens,so we call it the Future,and then in a split second the future is the Past. Anything happening in this moment is now the Past…So what is the Food for thought?

Live in the Present, Live in the Moment, because everything is the Past in Life. Take care of the Future when it arrives at your Door step. With this kind of Mindset, you will have a sense of Peace in your Life. A sense of Balance . A sense of Existence. You will be in the Flow like the Rivers that Flow into the Sea…

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